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The Pipe Challenge

The Rules


Sunday, 4 of July 2004

So, sadly, Pipe Challenge is now over. Axxu [AC] won the last event.... The great winner of PC is Red [AC] which I now, from this great day, call the best pipe driver in the elma scene ( equal to Jalli who couldn't participate ). Good Job Red ! I also added a little page called "Winner" which indicates the events winners + number of events won.... So. that's it.

I'd now suggest you to go play the "SMASH CUP" organized by Kopaka which starts today ! -->

Sunday, 27 of June 2004

Red took back the victory in event07. Event08 is made by Boomer88 and, as he always makes difficult levels, i slightly modified it so, the level will be a little easier! And another thing, this will be the last event because not enough people are participating so, this is the last event :-(

Saturday, 19 of June 2004

Another victory by VilleJ, very tight results betweem VilleJ and Red these days... Always less participants, only 5 this time. Lets hope more will join this week. PC07 is up... Don't think there will be much more events...maybe 2 or 3 more max.

Saturday, 5 of June 2004

Finally, Red was beaten, check out the results to know who outclassed him !?! Another special thing is that the Event06 will last for two (2) weeks as it's a very long pipe level. So, deadline will be friday, 18 of June.

Saturday, 29 of May 2004

Red is for the moment unbeaten, very nice driver. Not much people participated, but next level is very easy, fun and playable, level made the great Xhomaz ! Go check it out !

Sunday, 23 of May 2004

You can download the new level made by Zebra, very cool level... The winner of PC03 is Red, as usual ! That's all i have to say .

Saturday 15 of May 2004

PC03 is now available, a lot easier than 02 so, hope many more players will send it... Results from 02 are up. Another victory by Red, amazing pipe driving, check out his rec !

Saturday 8 of May 2004

PC02 is now available. The winner of PC01 is Red with an impressive time. 13 people have particpated in event 1, hope some more will participate in the next one, which is a lot more difficult, surely the most difficult level of the competition.

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This is a competition of pipe driving so if you have no pipe skills, you shall fear the other concurrents but if you are master in pipe driving art, you shall be feared. Here is the meeting of all styles, all techniques and all skillz for pipes.
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