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*Designers Corner

Here are some informations about me, BoneLESS.


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Hey, here I am, doing this site... Anyway, here are some informations about who I am and what I do .


What a site !

Well, I created this site the 7th December of 2003, this site has as a goal to get all good levels of the most different designers and let people play and enjoy them! May not be the best lookin' site but, doin' my best ...

Nick : BoneLESS
Team : HHIT
Nationality : Canada
Fav. Designer : VilleJ and MP
Fav. Int. Level : Spiral
Fav. Ext. Level : Security Compound
Fav. Kuski : Tor Inge / t0r
Fav. LevPack : HaraldH and Skint0r
Fav. Current Event : King Cup
Fav. Music : The Offspring
Fav. Movie : The Whole Nine Yards